Welcome … Truckers

Welcome … Truckers



Your shipments matter to us. Whether it is a single shipment, a few pallets or multiple full loads every week, we know how to handle your cargo. We will do our best to place your shipment on-truck even if your place is far from track.



We understand the challenges you face every day. We’re here to help you to save your time and get more profit. We do not limit your profit.



We provide professional broker services throughout the continental U.S. and North America. You receive the best freight brokerage solutions with 24/7 emergency access.


What is On-Truck

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We offer our virtual network that helps truckers to grow their businesses with maximum revenue and shippers to get the fast delivery from different locations.

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We provide our online freight management system allowing you to place your shipping order on one side and drivers to offer their services on another side..

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We connect drivers and trucking firms with people looking for shipping services.

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We use text messaging and email notifications for instant respond.

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  • Get text message or email notifications in real-time

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  • Get alerts for drivers in this district
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  • Upload signatures and documents

Features of the serviceBeta*

Bidding System

We offer a bidding system. A Shipper places a Shipping Order. Then Truck Drivers offer their Delivery offers. The Shipper can choose the best that works for his specifics.


We offer a multi-shipping and multi-point deliveries for Truck Drivers.

Secure Direct GPS

We are working hard to provide a secure direct GPS tracking chain for your shipments.


Fixed pricing kills a competition. It can be ok for a standard delivery, but it's never just a standard. It can be a challenge to find a driver from one small city to another small city in another stare.

When you need to deliver, an example, a quarter of a small truck from one small city to another. No one wants to go far to another city just for a 100 pounds box.

Usually you can get GPS tracking by drivers cell phone – tracking driver.

On-Track Solution Beta*

  • Providing high quality transportation services to all of our clients
  • We Offer Bidding – You Offer Pricing
  • Individual Driver Accounts
  • Management Accounts
  • Separate User Logins
  • Private Truck Tracking
  • Documents Uploading
  • SMS Alerts/ E-mail notification
  • Multi Points Delivery
  • Cargoes Delivery
  • Trip History Details
  • Bill Creating
  • Booking / Booking Cancellation
  • Etc.

About Us

Here at On-Truck is we combine innovation, technology, and logistics. We help drivers and trucking firms to grow their business. Understanding the challenges of trucking industry. On-Truck offers new solutions connecting carriers and shippers. At the same time, we help shippers to get the best experience and the most professional service with fast delivery and fair pricing. We are here to help you!

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